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ERA Learning Process

Who can take the Learning Process?

Any professional accountant who is a member in good standing with their respective national/provincial/state institute or society can participate. The respective institute or society must confirm this information.

When a professional accountant registers for the course, details about the accounting body they are accredited by must be provided, which signifies that the professional accountant gives the Registry permission to confirm them as a member in good standing.

What is involved in the Learning Process?

Those Professional Accountants who take the learning process will be provided a copy of ISO 14001, the technical documents required to conduct the Report process and training materials developed exclusively for the EnviroReadyReport process. The Registry also enables peer to peer communication between professional accountants who achieve Recognition that allows them to provide the EnviroReadyReport. The purpose of this ongoing dialogue is to foster problem solving, enhance the quality of the Report service and discuss consistent challenges for users.

The learner must agree to the Terms and Conditions that cover:

  • the proprietary nature of the Learning Process and copyright regarding the use of the standard
  • the ethical conduct required by the Registry in accordance with professional standards for accounting practitioners set by their respective national/provincial or state institute or society
  • the operating criteria and obligations that form the boundaries under which the Certificate of Recognition is provided
  • the ongoing connection with the Registry for those with the Certificate of Recognition to maintain currency with the service

What does the Learning Process cover?

The learning process includes seven modules, which discuss:

  • an introduction to ISO 14001 and what an EnviroReady Accountant does to apply the EMS AUP
  • details about an environmental management system; what the requirements are, its flexibility; what is state of the art in terms of its application; and what it does not include
  • communalities and differences between the four types of conformity assessment recognized in ISO 14001:2004;
  • communication and marketing related to EMS and the EMS AUP
  • the parameters involved in the EMS AUP and the standards of performance for professional accountants recognized to provide the EMS AUP
  • the business case for adoption of the standard, including common misconceptions about ISO 14001
  • help tools designed for users of ISO 14001 and tools to facilitate the EMS AUP process between the EnviroReady Accountant and his or her client

What costs are involved in the Learning Process?

The fee for the Learning Process is $1,200 CAD. This provides the professional accountant with three months access to the learning centre with no restrictions and three chances to excel at the exam. The Registry provides successful learners with a Certificate of Recognition and the first year posting on the marketing board. There are required updates for the learning process that are triggered by:

  • changes to the standard (which normally occur every five years)
  • changes driven by the accounting profession
  • opportunities to improve the collective knowledge of EnviroReady Accountants
  • or changes to the EMS AUP procedure

What is involved in maintaining the Certificate of Recognition?

There are periodic reporting activities required and an annual peer review process. These activities are necessary to provide stakeholders and interested parties in the Registry with confidence that the EMS AUP is a credible service. The need for credibility and trust is driven by the market wanting the EnviroReadyReport service.

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