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Become An EnviroReady Accountant

Who can become an EnviroReady Accountant?

There are three key criteria that a Professional Accountant must meet.

One, the Professional Accountant must have a license to practise as a public accountant.

Two, the Professional Accountant must be a member in good standing with their respective national/provincial/state institute or society.

Three, the Professional Accountant must successfully complete the learning process offered by 14000registry.com and receive a Certificate of Recognition. The certificate includes a member number and the EnviroReady logo. The Professional Accountant may use in marketing applications such as a business card, on letterhead and on their personal page on their company website as long as he or she maintains their Certificate status.

How do clients find EnviroReady Accountants?

Professional Accountants who obtain and maintain their Certificate of Recognition are accessible through an exclusive database that 14000registry hosts. The database allows existing clients and interested parties to confirm the Certificate holders and to help organizations find professional accountants who can provide the EnviroReadyReport.

Who can offer the EnviroReadyReport?

Professional Accountants, who are EnviroReady can offer the Report service to their clients. EnviroReady Accountants are found on the exclusive database on this site. If the Report process is offered by someone who is not listed in the database, they do not have the required recognition. Pre-register for the course now.