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The Market for EnviroReady

It's growing.

Why? Expectations that an organization will manage its relationship with the environment regardless of its size, culture, sector, orientation, economic status or geography is growing. The expectation for better business is materializing through:

  • preferential treatment of vendors in the private and public sector
  • environmental reporting guidance outlined by the securities commission
  • guidance on governance for boards of directors and advisory boards
  • demand from customers, clients, consumers, taxpayers and the voting public
  • and don't forget, regulatory measures when initiative is lacking

The Report was originally conceived to help Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SMEs) add to their credibility with customers, investors, bankers, insurers and other interested parties. It was designed to support organizations that took responsibility for their business and wanted an external review to show accountability at a price point they could afford. For them the price of certification for them was a barrier to adoption.

The Colour of Success in your Succession Plan; why green matters

If you are part of the baby-boomer generation (born between 1943 and 1964), a 'grey-hair' entrepreneur, a zoomer, or someone who simply wants to change to a different business, you need to ensure your exit plan covers the green factors influencing your business. There are many good reasons for this; all relate to optimizing the value of your business and ensuring a successful exit. An EnviroReady Report can help you prove the value of your business. [Read more on succession]

Buying a Business; buyer beware

If you are looking to buy an existing business; whether it's just the assets, for a client list and the good will or the whole venture as a growing concern, you need to include green as part of your due diligence. Look for the presence of their EnviroReady Report as part of your checklist. [Here's why...]

Big Business Benefits

There is interest from larger organizations in the EnviroReady Report. While many will continue to use third-party registration for their higher risk or core operations, the EnviroReady Report offers a cost effective means of providing an umbrella of accountability. It allows larger organizations to demonstrate their accountability to shareholders and stakeholders for their operations. Clear evidence of financial and environmental integrity is a primary concern for these organizations.

Additionally, larger companies have indicated a willingness to accept the EnviroReady Report from their lower risk or smaller suppliers as confirmation of a robust and credible EMS.

Big or small, for profit or not-for profit

Don't underestimate the value of using ISO 14001 as the basis of your environmental management system. Like it or not you will be measured against it, and judged accordingly. Whether or not you have an environmental management system, ISO 14001 is the benchmark. It is the de facto standard used by the business community, policy makers and shakers and the courts.

The Report confirms the existence of an Environmental Management System aligned to ISO 14001. It is based on the organization's self-declaration against the requirements in the standard. The report is renewed annually.
[For a technical description of the Report process.]